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Jude Edginton photographs npower Super Powers national campaign

Across Britain millions of people, in millions of homes, possess ‘Family Super Powers’. These are charming talents, some extraordinary, others simple.

Jude Edginton was commissioned by advertising agency FCB Inferno to produce a series for the npower ‘Britain has Superpowers’ campaign. The project has taken Edginton and his team to households across the UK to shoot the variety of ‘superpowers’, from doughnut balancing Milo in Bristol to Contortionist Cleaner Claudia in Essex.

The creative directors at FCB chose Jude Edginton for his style that kept with the campaign’s ambition to celebrate real people in their own homes. The brief was to give them superhero status, producing imagery that would work for all formats. Whether this was billboards and bus stop posters, adverts in print media or digital banners for online.